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How to Become Twitch Partner Streamer - Cirno TV

March 17, 2021 Vicky Season 1 Episode 14
Vivid Talks
How to Become Twitch Partner Streamer - Cirno TV
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“The longer you’re in a category, the more discoverability you have.”- CirnoTV

Imagine streaming live for 6-7 hours a day, six out of seven days a week. Stressful? Would it not be? Listen to Johnathon from Cirno TV today, who chose to take up that profession for his ceaseless passion for the same. In this episode of the Vivid Vision podcast, Johnathon shares his life journey with us, explaining how he got into the world of gaming and live-streaming and how he pulls off all his engagements with ease!

It all started in 2012 when one of Johnathon's closest friends gifted him a game. He was eventually so much into the world of video games that he decided to take that up as a full-time profession. He enjoys streaming different types of games and watching his audience steadily grow, feels pumped for another round of doing that. 

Johnathon discusses today why he loves interacting with his followers and how he does that parallelly during live gaming. Though he loves streaming, Johnathon says it’s hard for him to stick to a game. He has a habit of “hopping” around games without finishing one.

Do you wish to know how you could actually become a pro gamer-cum-streamer and take that up as a full-time career? John has insightful tips to offer for anyone wanting to step into the industry! Tune in today!

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